English for Customer Service

Helping you to word your customer's heart out!


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Being different from many other weblogs, this interactive site is constructed to assist you with the use of the English language in customer service.

Customer service is perhaps the department in a company in which we all have encountered before because it’s these departments who care for our concerns.  Where ever we go, which ever company we stumble upon absolutely consists of customer service.  This shows how important and significant the role of customer service is.   Hence, playing this role is not any ordinary role, yet a skill in which needs much practice in, especially when one needs to use English as a second language to fulfill this role of a customer service representative.

This site will definitely aid you in being well equipped with general knowledge and familiarize you with key language terms and sentence structures used in customer service.  This site offers you free short and sweet notes plus interactive practice exercises to help you sharpen your customer service skills!


1 Comment

  1. finally, i found another interesting website twhich i can serve everyday. I’ve bookmarked your page. hihi.
    i love this blog because :
    1. you love to help me and others to improve the English language.
    2. you’re my lovely friend ever
    3. you’re so lovely ;D

    *if there’s any error in that sentences, please correct them. haha. i just typed what i want to say :X

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